Italian Art Deco Lounge Set

Italian Art Deco Lounge Set

Rocaille Offers for Sale - Italian Art Deco Lounge Set

The suite -
Carved Walnut & Walnut Veneer
Square Minimal Style Sofa & Pair of Armchairs
The Upholstery Requires Refreshing
Current Upholstery is Marked on the Chairs
Circa 1930

Chairs 90cm x 60 x 64cm
Sofa 90cm x 120 x 55cm

The Frame is in Original Good Condition
The back of the sofa will require a new panel 
Upholstery requires a refresh on the armchairs

*We can arrange for the set to be refurbished in agreement with the purchaser

Art Decò (1920-1950):
The name Art-Decò derives from the exhibition held in Paris in 1925 which was called the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative Arts and was the successor of the Liberty style. Historical stylistic period formed after the Liberty floral period shortly after the end of the First World War. An almost radical change anticipated by the growth of the Precisionist movement and that of Cubism (in art), the Art-Decò furnishings were characterized by decidedly more rigid lines and geometric figures, definitively abandoning the sinuous and moved lines of objects and furnishings of the previous Liberty period. It was established from the dawn of 1915 until the early 1930s.